Bull Terrier Wall Clock

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Product description

DIY Large Wall Clock

DIY big wall clock

"For obvious reasons, the clock is needed and used from time to time to provide time information throughout the day. The modern version of the clock is not only used to display the time, but also used to decorate the interior of the room. This is exciting Things. Especially for DIY wall clocks, modern design has spawned amazing clock designs. These stunning designs are indeed a great choice to try, these designs will definitely inspire the interest of DIY enthusiasts. They are made at home.

These clocks are also usually large. Say goodbye to the smaller wall clock and say hello to the bigger and more interesting wall clock. The best news is that as long as everyone has enough tools and materials and a little patience, they can make these amazing clocks at home.
【product description】

Sticker material: EVA foam

Clock material: metal, acrylic

Advantages: Acrylic will not damage the wall

Minimum achieving size:50*50cm 

Maximum achieving size:100*100cm 
The clock final decoration size is up to you!
Advantages: Acrylic dial

Can be pasted without damaging the wall


The battery uses No. 5 carbon battery (provided by the buyer). Please do not use a battery with higher current output, because it will affect the life of the movement and even affect the accuracy of the travel time. Wall batteries use carbon batteries whenever possible.

WARRANTY: Please contact us if any problems, and you can get a free replacement without a return
Easy install: The clock include auxiliary scale ruler, self-adhesive stickers and user manual, the clock number and hands have a protective film, please tear off after you finished.
Remarkably Accurate: With the leading technology, the clock mechanism keeps time correctly and silently

Home Decor Effect Reference

Assemble Instruction



Paper Ruler Included

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.

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